24W HID Power Light (TM)

Simply the most powerful flashlight in its class. Power Light™ illuminates targets with true white light, making objects easier to see with better contrast in colors. This is accomplished through the use of efficient & powerful metal halide HID lamps. The HID lamp is controlled by an electronic ballast and produces whiter light (higher kelvin temperature) than filament light sources which are high in the Red color spectrum. The beam produced from Power Light™ is brighter on a per watt basis than ordinary incandescent or halogen lights, and an amber lens is available for optimum visibility for use in smoke, dust and fog.

Internal lithium ion battery, delivers stored power to illuminate for 1.5+ hours on full charge. Lithium ion batteries hold their charge longer than alkaline or metal hydride batteries, so Power Light™ is ready for use even when stored for long periods of time. Designed for law enforcement, border patrol, search & rescue, maritime interdiction, and long-range target identification. Power Light™ is also ideal for recreational activities, such as camping, hunting, hiking, aviation, or as an emergency light for your car.

Power Light™ is more rugged than ordinary incandescent or halogen flashlights. It has no filament to break when dropped or jarred and the bulb has a life span in excess of 2000+ hours. A protective rubber lens cap helps with shock absorption. Power Light™ is a self defense tool as well. Shining its extremely bright light in an adversaries eyes will cause temporary blindness.

The end cap houses the charger plug, and absorbs shock when dropped. For maximum versatility, Power Light™ comes with 9-12VDC / 120-240VAC adapter & charger so it can be charged at home, in your car, RV or aircraft.

The battery has a life span of 300+ charges and is easily changed with backup battery if longer burn times are needed. Order yours now and see for yourself how powerful this lightweight and powerful flashlight is.

Technical Information:

Dimensions: Ø 2.25 in. (at base) x 15.25 in. length

Weight: 2.50 lb

Rating: IPX64 (dust & moisture resistant)

Lens: Hardened Glass

Light Source: 24W Metal Halide

Lumens: *1200/6000K

Color Temp: 6000K & 5000K

Battery: 12.0V / Lithium ion

Ballast: Electronic


Pre-focused spot beam

Instant on less than 8 sec. to full brightness & Hot re-strike

Easy access charger plug located in end cap

Over charge protection

Protective rubber lens cap to absorb shock

Operating temperatures:

Operating: 0 - 40°C

Storage: -20 - 35°C, RH 45-85%

Charging: 10 - 30°C

Housing: Extruded Aluminum (corrosion resistant) (LD31-6063)

Battery charger: 9-12VDC & 120/240VAC, automatic over charge protection, 2 hr. charge time.

Color: Anodized Black

Mean burn time: 110 min.

Options: Clear amber lens


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